Our vision is to see a new generation of youth rising in the city who know God and make him known, for the rest of their lives. Our mission is to come alongside families in discipling their youth into contagious, Gospel-soaked, maturing ambassadors. Grace Toronto Church has two youth-groups: Grace Jr Youth (grades 6-8) and Sr Youth (grades 9-12)--and each group meets twice a month.




Saturday, June 17 - SR Youth Girls BBQ @ Mike and Demi's

Friday, July 14 - SR Youth Girls Small Group 

Friday, July 28 - SR Youth Social - BBQ at the Stringers

Sunday, July 30 - Grace Church Picnic - 12-2pm

Friday, August 11 - SR Youth Girls Small Group

Friday, August 25 - SR Youth Social

Saturday, August 26 - Grace Beach Day - 9am-1pm

jr youth summer calendar 2017

Sunday, July 30 - Grace Church Picnic - 12-2pm

Saturday, August 26 - Grace Beach Day - 9am-1pm

*Summer Camping trip or Day trip - info to come



Sundays at 9:45am beginning on October 22.

Beginning on Sunday, October 22, 2017, all youth grades 6-12 are invited to join us at 9:45am at Grace Toronto Church for "catechesis"--a "teaching" time to learn and explore the central beliefs of the Christian faith. 

Each youth will be expected to have memorized the Question and Answer of the week, and we will spend our time unpacking the meaning of these answers together. 

See more on the "New City Catechism" here:


Core Values & Beliefs

We believe that youth need the Gospel.

We believe that parental involvement and integrated interactions with various members of the church are crucial to the sustainability of our youth ministry.

Community “Haven”
We believe that youth are a gift to the church. We desire for the youth group to be a place of fellowship, to engage God and others. We aim to provide a place that is safe and secure for questions and discovering oneself in the faith.

We believe that youth are able to defend their faith, as they mature in their faith. Our prayer is to disciple eloquent, articulate students who are armed with the Gospel, who will make God’s love known in the city.