Mercy Week Postcard.jpg

Hope Toronto's annual Mercy Week is taking place on April 4-5 & 7! Be reminded of God's heart for the city, and come learn how we as a church can practically love, serve, and walk alongside our neighbours with great mercy and compassion. 

Apr 4-5 & 7, 2018| 383 Jarvis St.


Mental Health: A Dialogue
April 4, 2018; 7-9 PM

Jonathan Lee, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, will speak with us about mental illness from a medical perspective and through the lens of the gospel. The secondary goal is to give this often stigmatized topic a safe space to be discussed so as a church we can bear one another's burdens with greater love and understanding.

Neighbourly Love: Engagement
April 5, 2018; 7-9 PM
Rick Tobias, life-long anti-poverty advocate, will educate us on the systemic issues of poverty in our city. We will also be challenged and equipped as a church to think about how to be good neighbours in our new home.

Family Life: Mercy
April 7, 2018; 10:30 AM-12 PM

Jen Michel, award-winning author and mother of five, will teach on the theology of mercy. She will discuss creative ways to foster neighbourly love into the daily rhythms of a busy family life. (Children's programming will be provided for school-age children. Children ages 1-3 will be supervised in the nursery room.)