Our mission is to provide teaching, community, prayer and opportunity for Christian disciples to grow in their love for Christ, love for one another and love for their neighbour. 

If you are a member of Grace Toronto...
If you have attended Grace Toronto for 2 years...
If you have been part of a Grace Gathering and have served at Grace Toronto for one year...

Then we would love for you to consider joining our Downtown Discipleship Groups in the fall!

We are now welcoming online applications for our fall Discipleship Groups and unlike previous years everyone must apply to participate. Spaces are limited.

Discipleship Core Commitments


Grace Disciples promise to learn to prioritize feeding themselves through consistent personal reading and they promise to tell their discipleship groups when that’s difficult so they can receive encouragement and prayer.  Grace Disciples want to bless others with their ability and willingness to speak and pray the word.


Disciples promise to read, each week, the passage assigned, and they promise to touch base with their group via email about what they have (or haven’t…) discovered.



Grace Disciples promise to learn how to care for one another, even if it hurts. They want to be a blessing to one another as they seek to live lives that are courageously honest and interdependent.


Disciples promise to grow in their friendships by attending each week as faithfully as their calling and seasons of rest allow and by arriving, on time, at 6:45PM. They promise to let their group know whenever they can’t attend with as much notice as possible.


Grace Disciples promise to be open to knowing themselves and their neighbours. They want to learn to love their neighbours well and with biblical wisdom.


Disciples promise to grow in this by attending the following:

  • Grace Centre for the Art's Neighbour’s Project (Nov 2018)

  • Discipleship Group's Calling Seminar

  • Hope Toronto's Mercy Week (Apr 2019)


Grace Disciples promise to learn how to magnify the work of Jesus Christ for all creation. Whether they are reading His word, in intimate community or serving their neighbour, this is the heart of everything we hope for and want to do in our church and in our city. Grace Disciples want to be  people whose hearts are enlarged so they can hold more and more of the grace of Christ for others and for themselves.


Disciples promise to be people who look for Christ. In their struggles, in their celebrations, in others, in the scriptures, in stress, in monotony. 

Disciples promise, when they have a hard time believing Christ, to say to one another:  “Help my unbelief.”




We are excited to announce that online applications for our fall Discipleship Groups (DG) at Grace Downtown are now open. Complete the form below to be considered for DG this year. Please note that spaces are limited.

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Contact Wendy Stringer for more information about the Grace Discipleship Group.