Entrepreneurs Fellowship

This is a fellowship of Christian entrepreneurs starting or aiming to start our own businesses. As a group we are:

  • Gospel-focused: We want the gospel to inform our business plans. We want to think about how our ideas could advance God's kingdom, and we want spiritual direction to see our ideas as Jesus would

  • Growth-focused: Our goal is to make our ideas reality and grow them into self-sustaining businesses. We want to help each other with sound business practices from the Christian and secular world

  • Resourceful & accountable: We want to learn to do more with less, to come up with imaginative solutions to the problems we face, and hold each other accountable to keep working on our ideas

  • Prayerful: We recognize that we can do nothing without Jesus, and we want to be committing our plans to him. We want to be praying for each other

  • Encouraging & fun: Being an entrepreneur is often lonely. We want to be a safe community to motivate each other, and we want to have fun as we explore together

St. Lawrence Market area
First Sunday afternoon of every month
Leaders: Tarun George & Raphael Kim

For more information or if you are interested in joining this group, please contact Tarun George