Grace Centre for Mercy & Justice

The Grace Centre for Mercy & Justice (formerly known as Hope Toronto) is the means through which we educate, equip, and empower individuals to love and serve the City of Toronto.


We recognize that we share in humanity’s brokenness (Rom. 3:23) and seek to alleviate the burden within our city. As Christians, we acknowledge we are called by Christ to love and serve the broken, resource poor, oppressed, and marginalized (Luke 10:25-37; Matt. 25:31-46) just as our Saviour did. And like our Saviour we are called to act out our faith through both word and deed (James 2:14-17; Luke 24:15). Ultimately, we want to extend love and grace to all in the name of Jesus Christ because we know that true freedom for all is found in the gospel, which alone has the power for real transformation.


Currently we are affiliated with six different organizations that serve various marginalized and oppressed populations in the city. These agencies function as our experts in the field in helping us to understand more about how we can love and serve their clients through their respective agency or on our own.

adam house

The Adam House serves refugee claimants in the west end of the city by offering transitional housing and job skills training, amongst other services to residents.


A program under Youth Unlimited that serves the needs of homeless and street-involved youth through outreach and mentorship.

pregnancy care centre

The PCC serves women with unexpected pregnancies through pre/postnatal support. This includes, but is not limited to, offering pregnancy tests, options counseling and referrals out to appropriate resources.

SAFE families

An organization whose mandate is to reduce the amount of children entering the child welfare system. This is done through recruitment of host families, who are thoroughly screened, to care for and take in for children for a temporary period of time.

squads ministry

An organization that serves children in the Regent Park area by offering tutoring and other after-school programs.

toronto city mission

TCM serves children in some of Toronto’s high-needs neighbourhoods by offering tutoring and other after-school programs.


Grace Advocacy Clinic

The Grace Advocacy Clinic is intended to fill a gap for people in our city who need help with applying to Ontario Social Services for Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program. The Clinic also hosts a free tax clinic for those who are eligible. Learn more:

To get connected with one of our affiliates or to learn more about mercy ministry, contact