At Grace Toronto Kids (GTKids), we provide a safe place on Sunday mornings where the gospel of Jesus Christ is taught. Children are reminded that they are both beautiful and broken and in need of the saving grace and love of Jesus. As a community of faith, we welcome parents and children to worship together, and we consider the (even noisy) presence of children in our worship service to be a blessing to our entire body.

While our facilities are not as accommodating to children with physical disabilities as we might like, we are committed to working with parents whose children have special needs. Please consider speaking with our staff and/or volunteers to help us understand how we can best serve your family.*

We also understand that many parents look forward to an undistracted time of worship every week. Students’ lessons commence before the sermon begins. Elementary students (Kindergarten - Gr 5) enter their GTKids classes when they are corporately dismissed from the service and then accompanied by their parents to their respective classrooms.

*Church can be a particularly challenging environment for families whose children have special needs, and we want to remove barriers in order to help families enjoy regular worship together. Whether your child has developmental delays, learning challenges, autism spectrum disorders, anxiety or severe allergies (to name just a few special needs), we welcome them at GTKids, believing firmly that everyone is “fearfully and wonderfully made [by God],” (Psalm 139:14). With your help, we will work to make every child’s experience in GTKids the best it can be.


We believe children are a gift from God, and we celebrate the family as the primary environment where children are spiritually nurtured. At Grace Toronto, our children’s ministry is supplemental to what ideally happens in every child’s home – fathers and mothers “bringing their children up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Eph. 6:4).


At GTKids, the safety and security of our children is critical. We ask all volunteers to complete a 4-step process in order to help us certify their suitability for this trusted task:

  1. Complete an application form and email it to our GTKids staff, Tarak@gracetoronto.ca.

  2. Agree to a Vulnerable Sector Screening and provide the necessary documentation for the process. (We will initiate this process once we’ve received your application.)

  3. Schedule an interview with the GTKids Director, Tarak George.

  4. Complete an online Plan to Protect Training that is sponsored by Grace Toronto Church.

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