Theological Training

Our classes exists to train and equip Christians within Toronto to understand and to live out their faith in Toronto by delivering biblical, theological, historical, and practical education and training. 

The training includes weekly catechism classes*, quarterly membership classes, and biannual preparation for marriage classes. In addition, we have elective classes that meet a few times a year to study a specific biblical theme. We endeavor to provide a balance of study opportunities between Old and New Testament books and themes.

*Please note that Catechism Classes are on pause over the summer.

Catechism Classes

Grace Toronto Church Downtown holds weekly Sunday morning catechism classes, from 9:45-10:15 am. All ages are welcome to attend and participate! Click here to learn more about New City Catechism. Contact Lyndon Jost to receive weekly reminders. 

Adult Bible School

The Grace Centre will be offering a series of classes this year.
Our classes include the following:

Contact Howard McPhee for more information.