Teach Us to Pray 2019

Saturday, October 5, 2019
8:30 AM - 3:00 PM, EST

Jesus never moved out into the world on His own. His devotion to prayer was at the heart of his obedience to and dependence on the Father. By learning from Jesus’ Kingdom priorities in prayer, we can cultivate a deeper understanding of God’s purposes for us today in both difficult and fruitful seasons of life.


About the Sessions

Session 1: The Centrality of Prayer

We often neglect prayer because we do not understand how central and vital prayer is to our spiritual life with God. This first session will ground us in our need for prayer that arises out of three central truths; the truth about the nature of the kingdom we inhabit; the war we wage; and the God we know. Practical application of these three truths as they express themselves in the Lord’s Prayer will help free us up to see why Jesus gave us this template in helping galvanize our prayers. 

Session 2: How to Pray: Praying Through the Seasons of Life

Many people free frustrated in prayer because they don’t know how to go to God in times of happiness and sorrow, frustration or pain, anger, and joy. In this session, we will use both the Lord’s Prayer and some of the Psalms, to show people how to pray easily and naturally through the many circumstances of life. 

Session 3: Luncheon Panel: Walking in Prayer Through Challenges

A variety of people will discuss practical ways to use prayer to help us through the most difficult of circumstances 

Session 4: Praying On the Go: How to Pray Powerfully Throughout the Day 

In this session, we will discuss how to pray - and - walk; how to see everyday life - work, leisure, commuting - through the eyes of prayer, and show people how they can literally ‘pray without ceasing’ and gain a whole new understanding of how we can take prayer with us - out of the cloister and closet, and into the cubicle and the streetcar.


Saturday, October 5, 2019
Grace Toronto Church
8:30 AM - 3:00 PM, EST


Other Important Information:

  • Childcare will be provided; however, if you require childcare, the registration deadline is Friday, September 20.

  • Lunch is included. During lunch, parents will pick up their kids for lunch from childcare. After lunch, parents will check them back in at 12:40pm.

  • Early registration discount ends Monday, September 16.

  • Last day to register is Friday, September 27.

  • Paid street parking is available.

  • For more information or questions, please contact Aiwen Xu at aiwen@gracetoronto.ca