Imprint Magazine

Ian Cusson, Director, Grace Centre for the Arts:
Jen Michel, Managing Editor, Imprint:

What is Imprint?

Imprint is an online and print magazine that explores the intersection of faith and culture. It is published by Grace Centre for the Arts, a ministry of Grace Toronto Church. Imprint features the work of Grace Toronto congregants and friends, and its published content—reported pieces, personal essays, short works of fiction, poetry, photo essays, art and illustrations—aims to speak to a broad audience both in and outside the church.


What kinds of content are editors publishing in future editions of Imprint?

  • Content that communicates the concrete, lived experience of our neighbourhood/city

  • Content that communicates the concrete (personal) lived experience of faith

  • Content that illuminates the historical realities of our neighbourhood/city

  • Content that engages a current cultural trend or topic

  • Content that is story-centric

  • Content that avoids religious jargon

  • Content that is beautiful, lyrical, and visual

  • Content that is clearly expressed

  • Content that is implicitly infused—in tone and angle—by the gospel of Jesus Christ

How do I pitch an idea to the editors of Imprint?

If you’re interested in pitching for Imprint, you will need to submit a short paragraph explaining your idea. Include a thesis as well as specific ways you intend to develop your thesis throughout the piece. If you intend to interview people or conduct other research, tell us more. If you aim to explore a biblical idea, tell us how you will make your work accessible to people across the spectrum of faith.

Please expect our team of editors to work alongside you, helping you to shape your pitch, develop it, and avoid pitfalls. As part of the ministry of GCA, it’s our goal to help you grow and develop as a writer and artist. If we simply think a pitch won’t work for a specific issue, we’ll let you know up front, explaining why and asking you to pitch us again. *Submissions are accepted on speculation. With permission, we can print previously published pieces or photography. Contributors to the magazine will be paid a very small honorarium for their work, which is one way the GCA invests in its creatives.

What do I need to know about the next edition of Imprint, published fall of 2018?

Our next edition of Imprint will feature the theme, “Old and New.” We think this highlights an important part of our story as a church—that we are a new church inhabiting an old church building—and inspires curiosity about the historical changes in our neighbourhood and city. The theme of “Old and New” also allows us to explore important biblical themes (Matt. 9:14-17, 2 Cor. 5:17, Eph. 4:22-24, Rev. 21:1-4) and can even provide a way to explore themes of death and decay in light of the gospel’s hope.

Check back soon for more details about the 2019 issue of Imprint!